Though Lion’s Jaw 2020 is not officially taking place, we are featuring some opportunities to take classes with present and former Lion’s Jaw faculty!

DAILY AEROBICS: For the New World

Daily Aerobics are tools for staying embodied and connected to yourself and others.
A resource for you to get through the day and FIGHT THE POWER during these difficult times.
These 90 min. classes take place throughout the day during the week/weekends of 10/15-10/30. These can look like anything from straightforward technique and composition classes, somatic explorations, film screenings, cooking tutorials, socio-political action items and voting info to group shakes.
Please see our schedule below (just below the video) or visit our events on Facebook for more details.
All classes open to all and FREE of charge.
ZOOM link is the same for all events: ZOOM LINK HERE