Am I advanced/skilled enough to attend the event?
The festival is open to all skill and experience levels! However please know that there will be fast-paced (and slow-paced) classes in technique, composition and performance material that will ask participants to be embodied, physical and rigorous. We expect those who attend to take care of themselves and know their own limits.

Do I have to attend the entire event to register?
No! If you are enrolled in one of the two intensives we do ask that that you attend the the entirety of the 5 days however you are free to leave the space at anytime before or after the work ends each day.  If you have a day pass or are doing drop-ins, you are free to come and go as you like however we do ask that if possible everyone attends on Wednesday Night for the opening intros, announcements and orientation for everyone’s sake. All pricing/registration options are available here.
Schedule for the week is available here

I can’t get there until Friday night, can I attend the intensive? Can I attend the festival?
Wednesday is opening night and many intros, announcements and orientations will happen then so we do suggest you be present. We also ask  (again) that you attend the entirety of the intensive (Thursday -Sunday) that you register for, out of fairness to both the nature of the work and the teacher. If for any reason this seems unlikely or difficult for you, feel free to reach out however, priority for the intensives will be given to those we can attend the full 5 days.
You can arrive late and/or leave early and/or come and go if you are attending via day-passes or drop-in classes. If you are wondering about the times and schedules feel free to print out a pdf of our schedule available here

How much does it cost? For one day? For just the night events? To attend a performance?
All pricing options can be found here. The Friday and Saturday night performances are separate events and can be paid for at the door. Each performance costs $25. Admission to both performances is included with purchase of a full festival with Intensive pass however for other attendees, they will be asked to pay on the night of each event. The Thing performances on Sunday are open to all and are a sliding scale $5-$10.
If you are having difficulty with the financial end of things, do consider checking out our Diversity Scholarship page.

When are the performances? Are they included? Can I invite people who don’t dance or aren’t in the festival?
Over the course of the 5 days of the Festival there will be 3 official performances. Two public performances (fri./sat.) by the featured festival teaching-artists and one evening of improvised and informal performances designed, built and performed by attendees of the festival [these might or might not include teachers and staff]. We would LOVE you to invite your friends and family and all are welcome, do note that the informal performance ‘Thing’ is open to the public, however it is largely an internal affair. You can buy tickets to the 2 public performances and/or find out more about the program by going HERE
All performances will take place at Green Street Studios.

I’m planning on dropping in during the festival whenever I get a free window. That’s cool right?
Well, that’s sort of cool and YOU’RE definitely cool, but it’s really NOT an ideal way to experience this festival. This event is really built as an immersive experience and the registration is designed to cultivate that. Drop-in registrants will be admitted if there is room in a class/workshop. Full Festival attendees and Day-Pass-ers will take priority in all cases. The rooms are small and we limit classes to 15-20 people so admission is not guaranteed to drop-ins folks.

I’m traveling from out of town, is housing provided?
We do our very best to make out-of-towners feel both welcome and taken care of however we cannot provide housing for all the visitors. We do ask you to reach out to any locals you might know to see if you could stay with them and to post on our facebook page here.
We also provide a page of links to hostels, b&b’s and hotels in the area here. Please be advised this is a busy weekend in Boston so booking early is encouraged!

Is food provided?
We do not provide meals or snacks at Lion’s Jaw. However, the studio is conveniently located in Central Square, a busy and bustling area of Cambridge, MA. In the blocks around the studio there are over 25 restaurants and cafe’s as well as several markets, art stores and pharmacies.

Where can I park during the event?
In the interest of keeping things stress free, inexpensive and easy, we suggest ALL attendees use bikes, public transportation and their feet for getting to and from the studio each day, however if for some reason that’s not possible, you can look at the list of transportation and parking options here.

Is the event accessible for people with disabilities?
We are truly sorry to say that the studio we are using does not yet have access for people in wheelchairs and that there is a significant flight of stairs leading up to the space. This is something we are hoping to remedy as soon as possible.
If you are injured or disabled or in a body that cannot climb stairs and need assistance please reach out to us and we will see if we can find a way to accommodate you and your needs.