This year at Lion’s Jaw we are pleased to announce a screening and talk back with filmmaker/dance-artist/free diver Gabriel Forestieri. Gabriel will be presenting his work Freeing the Hold on Thursday evening at 8pm in Studio 2. After the screening he will hold a brief talk back. The event is open to the public and free of charge

Freeing the Hold

Freeing the Hold is an underwater journey into what we sacrifice to
touch freedom. The film itself is comprised of dances done without
oxygen or gravity in a silent space where the normal dynamics of
movement are completely abandoned. It is literally about being
submerged and what possibilities that offers us. It is a meditation on
the beauty and wonder of the planet itself and the miracle of our
being able to participate in it. It is an attempt to transform the
sense of world as dead, as resource, as an object into a true subject
whose value is inherent and not dependent on human markets. Rotating
our manipulation of the world as all subservient into a paradigm of
participation and respect. A performance will take place as a pre-show
which the artist’s process will be deconstructed through various

About Gabriel Forestieri


As the Choreographer/Director of projectLIMB, Gabriel Forestieri created the practice of *Worlding* to make the space a primary participant. Using this practice ProjectLIMB has created outdoor public works in Buenos Aires, Dublin, Finland, Brussels, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona, Ibiza, Salt Lake City, Montreal, Miami, Hawaii, Pittsburgh, Middlebury, Massachusetts, Dallas, Washington D.C., Paris, Rome, San Francisco, Thailand, and New York City. An underwater dance practice that has grown out of *Worlding *and has led to the creation of *Freeing the Hold *and several other films, performances, and *Breath (a multidisciplinary water opera).*