The James K. Spriggs Scholarship is made possible through the generosity and recommendation of the James K. Spriggs Foundation, a donor advised fund.

Founded in 2016, this program is designed with the intent of cultivating inclusivity and accessibility to Lion’s Jaw. By encouraging the participation of individuals who self-identify as belonging to an under-represented or historically marginalized group but might otherwise be unable or unlikely to attend due to financial challenges, we hope to strengthen and broaden the access to and impact of the festival.

The 2020 scholarship makes it possible for us to bring up to 4 people per festival for full attendance (including the intensive and all performances).
Recipients will be determined via an online application process.
Applications are open to anyone who feels they are part of an under-represented group, feels they are unable for financial reasons to attend, and has NOT received the scholarship in the year prior (recipients from two years back or more are welcome to apply again.)

IMPORTANT: Please know that Lion’s Jaw does not encourage or expect scholarship recipients to be responsible for being a representative or ambassador of/for their ‘group’ or of/for people they might be identified with nor are you expected in any way to act as an educator of others. 

Award Details

The scholarship includes

  • Choice of one Intensive
  • Access to all associated Classes, Labs and Events
  • Free admission to all Performances

Total value: $350

Award Selection

The following criteria will be used in the selection process:

  • Submitted all materials
  • Professional and personal benefits of scholarship to applicant
  • Financial and/or associated challenges to applicant
  • Projected contribution to inclusivity/diversity of the festival
  • Time of application [priority to date submitted]

This scholarships is limited to 4 participants and will be awarded at the discretion of our festival scholarship panel with priority given to those who apply first.

Scholarship recipients are expected to attend the ENTIRE FESTIVAL.
Please ensure that you can fully attend during the dates and times before applying.
This includes Opening Circle Wednesday October 9th and arriving at the studio in time for opening day on Thursday October 10th.

Again, a HUGE thank you to the James K. Spriggs Foundation: a donor advised fund for making this Diversity Scholarship possible: