We are excited to announce that this year the festival includes a panel discussion on Monday 10/9 at the Institute of Contemporary Artlogo-01

JUMP/Talks are an ongoing series of talk backs developed by NMC where we watch dance/performance works and discuss as peers and colleagues. Topics range from identity and process to the politics of time and space.

This JUMP/Talk will be held Monday 10/9 from 1-3pm in the Barbara Lee Family Foundation Theater of the ICA and will include many of the teaching-artists from Lion’s Jaw.

Abandoning Neutrality: JUMP/Talk 3
We gather to ask questions around the choices we make in the curation/choreography and making of dance + performance today. We will discuss the risks and opportunities inherent in making choices that require us to leave our ‘baseline’ or put us in positions that potentially jeopardize safety or align us with individuals or ideas that occupy an opinion or ‘position’.
Featuring artists Joy Mariama Smith, Alice Gosti, Jennifer Polins, Joy Davis and others.
Admission is FREE