NunArt Creacions Contemporànies and New Movement Collaborative

proudly present

the 1st annual Lion’s Jaw Performance + Dance Festival Barcelona

July 25-28 2019

Lion’s Jaw is a performance and dance festival founded in 2016 by New Movement Collaborative. Co-founders Jared Williams and Sarah Mae Gibbons decided to build the festival out of a desire to bring artists together, to work in close proximity, for dance-artists to spend time in duration together sweating and performing. To catalyze a small change inside of ourselves, to learn from each other, and to swap toolboxes with one another around performance and dance.
Now in its 4th year, the event continues to feel necessary and inspiring and NMC has decided to open the door internationally by organizing a smaller more intimate Lion’s Jaw in Europe.
Curated and directed by Gisela Creus in collaboration with NunArt, the aim of LJBCN is to create bridges, start conversations, and open possibilities between artists and their communities.
We feel Barcelona too is primed and ready to host this experience, as a mid-sized city with art-centric momentum.

The Festival assembles a group of national choreographers, performers, educators and students to study, perform and create together for duration in an intensive environment. For 4 days, every day, from 9:30 am until 9:30pm, Lion’s Jaw runs inside of a dedicated space utilizing multiple studios/spaces to foster the exchange of ideas, daily rigorous technical training and inter-disciplinary exploration to provide dance-artists tools and pathways into new ways of engaging with dance as both research and performance.
Anchored by one intensive, each day includes a workshop and laboratory in improvisation, technique and composition. In the evenings, artists, students and audiences share their knowledge and inspiration through round tables, informal showings and performances.

* IMPORTANT NOTE: Lion’s Jaw does not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia or xenophobia. We are also dedicated to understanding and unpacking the potential for those things inside of ourselves as a society, as organizers and as individuals.

* please note that the festival is for everybody regardless of experience level, however classes can often be intense and may include technique or skill work. push your edges but know your limits *

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