There will be 1 public performance featuring each of the 2019 teaching artist’s works on Saturday night.
There will also be 1 informal group evening performance by attendees of the festival. This is called
the Thing and will take place on Sunday evening.

Saturday July 27th 2019 20h Faculty Performance

“Up there” by Jorge Crecis
For Lion’s Jaw, Jorge Crecis will present an installation / performance in which, through an abstraction of the practice of the shibari, the performers delve into the investigation of the body as a vehicle to access non-ordinary states of consciousness.

Note: at no time will the shibari be approached or used in its sexual aspect. The use of ropes, knots and suspensions will be purely visual and pragmatic to reduce the ability of movement, increase muscle strength and as an aesthetic element.

“Moving Objects” by Constanza Brnčić
Un espacio sin cosas:
¿existe un espacio así? Bien mirado, ahí veo un trozo de yeso que cayó de la pared. Y detrás de la puerta hay sillas, cajas, sombreros, tazas, lámparas, libretas, bolsas de plástico, hilos, una manzana, palés, cuadros, una cafetera, cuchillos, tenedores, zapatos, abrigos, maletas, mesas, banquitos, cosas que no se sabe qué son, rodillos, sprays, una pizarra, la fregona, linternas… todos los objetos del mundo. También están al lado: miremos ahora ese espacio lleno de cosas! Los objetos están bastante quietos, cuando no hay aire tienen una quietud incomprensible para los vivos. Qué quieto está todo. Pero puede crujir la madera… Miramos, contemplamos. Luego alguien cambia un objeto de lugar, o lo lleva al espacio más vacío. El objeto es movido, muestra su pasividad y un nuevo espacio nace. Los movedores de objetos son sombras, medio vivas, medio objetos. Hacen una acción clara y limpia: sólo cambian las cosas de lugar. No discuten entre ellos, miran lo que hay y lo mueven en una tarea rigurosa y sin fin. Naturalezas muertas, espacios-situación, escenarios del crimen, rincones abandonados, espacios con huellas, objetos en movimiento… pequeña alma de las cosas insuflada por los movedores, que prosiguen su riguroso protocolo tácito.

A veces sólo hace falta cambiar la luz 

A space without things: Is there such a space? Well I looked, there I see a piece of plaster that fell from the wall. And behind the door there are chairs, boxes, hats, cups, lamps, notebooks, plastic bags, threads, an apple, pallets, pictures, a coffee maker, knives, forks, shoes, coats, suitcases, tables, stools, things that no one knows what they are, rollers, sprays, a blackboard, the mop, flashlights … all the objects in the world. They are also next: let’s look at that space full of things now! The objects are quite still, when there is no air they have an incomprehensible stillness for the living. How still is everything. But the wood can creak … We look, we watch. Then someone changes an object of place, or takes it to the most empty space. The object is moved, shows its passivity and a new space is born. Object movers are shadows, half alive, half objects. They make a clear and clean action: they only change things from place. They do not argue among themselves, they look at what is there and they move it in a rigorous and endless task. Still lifes, space-situations, crime scenes, abandoned corners, spaces with traces, objects in movement … small soul of things breathed by the movers, who continue their rigorous tacit protocol.

Sometimes you just need to change the light.


Creation and interpretation: Constance Brnčić
Assistant director: Beatriz González Magadán
A production of La Sospechosa 2017/19
In residence in La Visiva (2018)

” Too far East is West ” By Abhilash Ningappa
Speaks about journey far far away eventually becomes familiar to ones own experience from the past. Two dancers from different cultures and background entering into a space experiencing difference in culture and identity through Movement exploration and exchange of information. Ideas which is shared through movement compositions and scores.

Exploring the difference between two cultures. India and Spain, India has various languages , religions, dance,music, architecture, food, and customs differs from place to place within the country. Initially divided into several politically ,economically as well as culturally independent .
On a smaller scale it has a power to unify as well as to divide. Spain has a rich traditional folklore , with great regional variety. Many cities and towns have a museum and a collection of ancient monuments and buildings.

This piece explores differences and similarities between two cultures through practice of movement art. bodies speaks culture and informations are accumulated in our system and speaks through body language. Consciously we look for information, like a form to create, eyes to look and imitate, smell and touch to provoke feelings. How we can perform our situation, our feeling, our physical and mental state (active or passive) even fear or hesitation? How can I create space in between imagination and executed action through these cultural differences.

“Voyager” by Laura Vilar
Voyager is a solo quest that asks about the need to explore. Explore the outer space, as well as the search for the depths of the internal space. Search, travel to meet us, to understand, is an engine, a need at all scales of human experience. A search that constantly asks us and makes us move our own beliefs. Voyager is an artistic research that is part of an artistic-discursive research within the framework of a PHD in dance philosophy initiated in January 2018.

Voyager is a desire and a need to create and dance. Voyager is traveling by searching, for me and for sharing. Voyager are the spacecraft sent to space in 1977 that showed us the perspective of where we are, ‘Pale blue dot’ (C. Sagan), and in them, we were synthetically explaining who are humans.
Creating is the way I have to rethink myself, rethink the world and be able to offer (-me) new perspectives.


Creation, interpretation and text: Laura Vilar
Sound research: Pierre-Michaël Faure and Nacho Melús
Music extracted from Voyager Golden Record
Poem: Kenneth Rexroth, Open the blind
Video search: Jean Mazel
Assistant of direction: Ona Mestre
Tutors doctoral thesis: Jèssica Jaques, Jackie Taffanel, Roberto Fratini

Sunday July 28th 2019  19h THE THING in nunArt Guinardó

Presented in association with Lion’s Jaw performance + dance festival The THING is an informal performance night built by attendees of the event. Attendees are invited to sign up to show works in progress, inspirations from the festival, improvisations or any other art they are interested in sharing. We also incorporate an cabaret style collaborative group improvisation game sprinkled throughout the evening. A sign up sheet with be available at the beginning of the festival and taken down the afternoon of the event. Please come with your music in hand and ready to share.