The Lion’s Jaw Festival Book 2017

For the past two years in the lounge at Green Street Studios, with the help of choreographer and designer Ben Van Buren, we have set up a station complete with computer, scanner, and friendly staff member in order to collectively document the festival.

At the 2017 festival we invited everyone to scan whatever they wished whenever they wished [receipts, journal entries, drawings, class notes, photographs]. Each scan became its own page, and each page was added in the order in which it was received.
Published by Yonkers International Press, The Book is a fascinating passage through the days of the festival.

Instead of a clear narrative, or point of view, the reader encounters an accumulation of debris that moves constantly between frivolity and seriousness. The result is a sort of moving-average of group-thinking—an outline of an experience in which a group’s intentions and emotions were always both conflictual and complimentary.
Follow this link to purchase [all proceeds go to operating costs of Lion’s Jaw Festival]

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Ben Van Buren is a choreographer and editorial designer based in New York City. His performance work has appeared in a wide variety of contexts including Zirgu Pasts in Latvia; the Incheon International Dance Festival in South Korea; Dance and Process at The Kitchen in New York; and the FleetMoves festival in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. Recently Ben has begun to work at the intersection of performance and publication. In 2015 he edited and co-designed the book document of the first edition of A Corner In The World festival in Istanbul, Turkey. He is also the founder of the experimental publishing house Yonkers International Press. Ben trained at P.A.R.T.S. (Performing Arts Research and Training Studios), and is currently studying at the New School for Social Research.