The Lion’s Jaw Festival Book-Document

It is with great enthusiasm that we invite you to add pages to the 2018 Lion’s Jaw Festival Book-Document

This year in the lounge at Green Street Studios, with the help of choreographer and designer Ben Van Buren, we will once again be setting up a station complete with computer, scanner, and friendly staff member to assist you in adding pages to a book-document of the festival. This book-document will be published shortly after the conclusion of the festival, at which point it will be sold online and in local Boston bookstores.

Pages will be accepted via scan only. Scans may include, but are not limited to: reflections, academic papers, poetry, body parts, autumn leaves, blank (or full, depending on how you look at them) pages, instruction manual excerpts, manifestos, drawings, photographs, cellphone screens, scores, and public domain ephemera.*
Each scan will be added to the book-document as a single-page in the order in which it is received. Pages will appear alongside transcripts and photography of certain festival events.

If you’d like to take a look at last years book, more on that is available here: The BOOK 2017

So come on in! This book-space is available to you as if it were another studio, and we hope you will feel compelled enter and join this experiment in performance festival documentation. Because (art) history is not a fact, it is a ongoing process to be engaged, troubled, and occupied through persistent practice!

*(PLEASE NOTE: we cannot publish material that is under copyright without permission from the current copyright holder.)
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Ben Van Buren is a choreographer and editorial designer based in New York City. His performance work has appeared in a wide variety of contexts including Zirgu Pasts in Latvia; the Incheon International Dance Festival in South Korea; Dance and Process at The Kitchen in New York; and the FleetMoves festival in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. Recently Ben has begun to work at the intersection of performance and publication. In 2015 he edited and co-designed the book document of the first edition of A Corner In The World festival in Istanbul, Turkey. He is also the founder of the experimental publishing house Yonkers International Press. Ben trained at P.A.R.T.S. (Performing Arts Research and Training Studios), and is currently studying at the New School for Social Research.