* please note that the festival is for everybody regardless of experience level, however classes can often be intense and may include technique or skill work. push your edges but know your limits *


The intensives are workshops within the festival studying with one of two artists. These are limited to 30 participants each and consist of 4 hours of daily working in a group.
Morning sessions will be 9:30am-1:30pm Afternoon sessions will be 2:30pm-6:30pm
Because of the focused and cumulative nature of the work, participants in the intensives are asked to enroll and participate in all 4 days.
2018 Intensive teachers are ALTERNATIVA [Kathleen Hermesdorf + Albert Mathias] and TBD
Studio 1

Daily Classes

Daily classes will be ongoing from 9:30am to 7:00pm every day. Each class is 2 hours in length and will be taught by a rolling roster of the 9 teaching artists (no intensive teachers). Classes will consist of somatic inquiry/improvisation, technique classes + composition work. These can be signed up for as part of the festival package or on a walk-in basis, however each class is limited to 20 participants on a first come/first serve basis. Class descriptions available HERE
Studio 2
live music when available*


Throughout the festival and alongside the daily classes will be informal workshops, labs and discussions in the smallest of the 3 studios. These will be determined by the members of the festival but could include everything from score/choreography conversations, discussions about diversity and/or socio-political issues, small movement explorations . During meal breaks and open times Studio 3 can also be used as a down-time room. Lab descriptions available HERE
Studio 3


Occasionally we offer mini-workshops within the festival w visiting teachers. Workshops inside the festival may consist of a wide range of  topics from film and writing to the applications of costuming + sets/location for performance. This year (2018) Lilly Valore will be leading a 2 hour Vogue workshop the description for which can be found HERE

Parking Lot Space

During Saturday and Sunday day-times of LJ2018 we will have access to the adjacent parking lot just outside the studio. During this time the space will be an opportunity to do jams and labs and for teachers to work outside if they feels so inclined. This area will be locked after 5pm.

Open Studio

When a studio is open w/ nothing scheduled it is available for labbing or training. There will be open studio times most evenings throughout the festival in order to lab or perform with + for one another. An open jam will happen Thursday in Studio 2.

Film Screening Night

For 2018 Dance-artist and free diver Gabriel Forestieri will be showing one of his films and leading a talk-back from 8-10pm on Thursday night.


There will be 2 public performances featuring each of the 2018 teaching-artists on Friday and Saturday nights.
There will also be 1 informal group evening performance by attendees of the festival. This is called the Thing and will take place on Sunday evening * more information will be available soon *

*Please stay tuned for more information on the performances