A note about Green Street Studios 1991-2019

Lion’s Jaw festival was formerly housed in the 3-studio complex of Green Street Studios [GSS].
In 2019 GSS was forced out by the new owner of the building after they raised the rent 3-fold and offered them no alternatives. This pattern among property owners in cities throughout the country is predatory, toxic and deeply destructive to our communities. Gentrification often hits small independent store owners, arts and cultural institutions and the working class first and hardest and is difficult to stop once started without City-wide initiatives or legal stop gaps like rent-control.
The loss of affordable art-making and rental spaces in our cities should sound an alarm that gentrification is well underway.
We thank GSS for their service not just as our home for the last 4 years but for their service within the broader dance community.


Serving the Boston community for over 25 years, Green Street offered professional, affordable space in 3 large studios, the largest of which converted into a black-box theater that could hold up to 100 audience members. Green Street had long been known as the industrious center of contemporary and modern dance in the city and for innovative programming for choreographers and dancers that focused on rigorous exploration, deeply original invention, and artistic excellence.
Located in the heart of bustling Central Square, Green Street Studios enriched the cultural life of Cambridge and the greater local landscape of Boston arts for nearly 3 decades.

Lion’s Jaw thanks them for their commitment to dance.

Building W97

As of 2020 Lion’s Jaw will be housed in the beautiful studio complex of MIT’s Building W97 located at 345 Vassar St in Cambridge.
We are thrilled to be partnering with MIT to bring LJ2020 back to Boston!

Lion’s Jaw Performance + Dance Festival comes to MIT as part of the 2020-21 MIT Performing Series, a prototyping and presenting series curated by Jay Scheib, professor for Music and Theater Arts, and presented by the MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology. MIT Performing promotes a research based artistic practice and serves as a platform for contemporary performance. MIT Performing is supported in part by the Council for the Arts at MIT.